New Online Locator for EarlyONs and Roots of Empathy Speaker Series

Ontario Ministry of Education, New Online Locator for EarlyON Child and Family Centres

EarlyON is a combination of four programs – Ontario Early Years Centres; Parenting and Family Literacy Centres; Child Care Resource Centres; and Better Beginnings, Better Futures. Families can now get the same services at any EarlyON centre in Ontario, and also find programs tailored to their community. To visit the webpage, click here.

Roots of Empathy 2018 Speaker Series, Thursday February 8

Join Roots of Empathy for this fascinating discussion. It will start with Claire Birkenshaw’s story of being the first person to transition while working as a school principal in Hull, England and will be followed by a panel discussion. Each guest will share their personal experiences of what it’s like transitioning while working in the school system, dealing with identity issues as a student, or being a parent or person who supports trans individuals. Inclusion and belonging are central themes to Roots of Empathy – as is empathy of course. Hopefully we’ll all gain some insight from their experiences in the school system, what works, and how things can improve. The panel discussion will be moderated by Mary Ito, CBC Radio host and Roots of Empathy board member.

For more information and to register, click here.

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