Spring 2017 Esteem

Implementing How Does Learning Happen? in Innovative Ways – Fostering Effective Communication with Colleagues and Community Partners; June 21 2017

  • “Great ideas for improving communication skills.”
  • “Participants will share this information with staff and use it for communicating with families.”

Discovering Your Professional Identity: Make Your Professional Portfolio the Best It Can Be!; June 20 2017

  • “This session offered great ideas for getting started on and what to include in a portfolio.”
  • “This session will help me to decide what ways to organize my daily work into my portfolio.”

Strengthening Your Resiliency and Lowering Your Stress Through Mindfulness & Creating Strong and Resilient Teams Through Mindfulness; June 15 2017

  • “The session provided great techniques and information to try in everyday situations.”
  • “The most informative parts of the session were the exercises and strategies for dealing with stress.”
  • “left me feeling calm and positive.”
  • “The session provided very practical steps for dealing with stress and how to take control of your choices.”

The Language of Art, Ann Pelo Book Study; April – June 2017

  • “The collaboration with the other participants was the most meaningful.”
  • “The way Ann Pelo writes, thinks, and invites is a way of thinking that can be incorporated into our programming.”

Spring Collaborate and Create Make & Take Workshop; June 13 2017

  • “This session has provided me with some new provocations.”
  • “I really like the activity sheets provided, especially the section showing what skills are supported.”
  • “This session was inspirational.”

From Scribble to Script; June 6 2017

  • “I enjoyed all the ideas and the information on developmental stages of writing.”
  • “It was a very good, informative workshop with lots of information, tips, and ideas.”
  • “The most informative part of the workshop was the stages of writing. It was great having this explained. I never really thought about how writing begins in the early toddler years by strengthening fine motor skills.”

Physical Literacy in School Age Programs; June 1 2017

  • “I have discovered more ways to assist with the development of movement skills.”
  • “Great ideas, lots of fun!”
  • “Ginette is amazing and so helpful. Incredibly thankful to be taught by her.”

Embedding Participation and Consultation within Your School Age Pedagogy; May 30 2017

  • “I found ‘the ladder of participation’ the most informative part of the session.”
  • “This information will be useful for getting the children more involved and participating in your program.”

Leadership Workshop Series – Inspire Your Team to Incorporate Higher Standards for Their Practice & Winning Their Hearts and Minds; May 24 2017

  • “The information provided during this series gave me great ideas to implement and engage staff. Thank you!”
  • “All the information was well presented.”

How to Get Second Language Learners Talking; May 11 2017

  • “The ideas were helpful reminders of how to engage children and parents in conversation.”
  • ”The most informative part of this session was learning the value of keeping the first language and the second language learning process.”
  • “I enjoyed the stories from the audience and the opportunities for discussion.”

Family & Community Involvement: Learning as Partners; April 29 2017

  • “Families are a huge part of our program. Today has helped me with planning for future events and how I can encourage the families in my centre to join us more.”
  • “Joanne Babalis is a very knowledgeable speaker and I find her information from her personal experience and Reggio concepts informative and inspiring.”
  • “Thank you for your planning and delivery of such amazing professional development opportunities.”

Connection is Key; April 11 2017

  • “This workshop was very meaningful as it was a great reminder to take time to build relationships with children and their families.”
  • “I enjoyed this workshop. I will be more mindful of my interactions with children and how it impacts their lives.”
  • “This was an excellent session, I can take everything back and use the information I learned today in my day to day at work and at home.”
  • “This workshop was very informative, Dr. Jean Clinton was a wealth of knowledge! She is a very impactful speaker who makes the content stick.”

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