Winter 2020 Esteem

Action Schemas; February 3 2020

  • “This session broke down the meaning of schemas in a new way and the importance they have in everyday play.”
  • “This session was valuable because now I have information to share with parents as to why their children engage in play behaviours.”

STEAM Rich Environments; January 28 2020

  • “I feel like I understand STEAM more; feels simple and not as complex.”
  • “The information in this session was definitely very valuable for daily practice, for drawing kids’ attention to free play and imagination.”
  • “The most meaningful parts of this session were the concrete examples and activities to support the concept of STEAM.”

Owning Your Role as a Role Model; January 21 2020

  • “I will be able to use the information from this session to think more positively with the hard parts of the day.”
  • “I will be able to use this experience to be able to catch the little moments I feel resentful and focus on why I feel that way and overcome them.”
  • “This information will help me connect with educators about their roles and get back to the meaning of their work.”

Leading An Empowered Culture to Increase Mission Impact, with Colleen Fleming; January 16 2020

  • “I learned a lot about organizational culture and understand it much better.”
  • “I came away with an action plan for performance reviews that I hope to try at my centre.”
  • “The most informative parts of this session were the exploration of organizational culture, accountability, and new performance management.”

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