QCCN Advisory Committee


Lorrey Arial Bonilla Early Childhood Community Development Centre
Tracy Belcastro Strive Niagara
Lucy Belchior YMCA of Niagara Child Care Services
Jeff Biletchi Niagara Region Public Health Department
Cynthia Bradshaw / Kari-Lynn Burkholder Ministry of Education
Jamie Ciancio Family and Children’s Services Niagara
Christina Clark/Samantha Beauparlant La Boite a Soleil / QCCN Community Mentor Consultant
Kim Cole Niagara Child Care Sector Executive
Patricia Couroux QCCN Coordinator, ECCDC
Pat Eversden QCCN Consultant / QCCN Community Mentor Consultant
Jane Gouck QCCN Community Mentor Consultant
Brenda-Lynn Haley Pathstone Mental Health
Debbie Hamilton Speech Services Niagara / QCCN Community Mentor Consultant
Bill Helmeczi / Linda Morrice Pathstone Mental Health
Trudy Hill Aboriginal Head Start
Drew Kean Niagara College
Helen Lake Niagara Region Children’s Services
Natalie Lane Early Learning and Resource Consultant, ECCDC
Nancy Lisi EarlyONs, Welland Pelham
Katherine Martin A Child’s World / QCCN Community Mentor Consultant
Sally Mazachowsky Inclusive Child Cares Support Committee
Sharon Milne Niagara Region Children’s Services
Helene Randle (Chair) Rosalind Blauer Child Care Centre / QCCN Community Mentor Consultant

Advising Members

Fran Owen Brock University QCCN Consultant
Linda Rose Krasner Brock University QCCN Consultant
Mary Louise Vanderlee Research Consultant

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