Program Profile
The Program Profile supports educators in setting up their environment, curriculum planning, and highlighting the strengths of children, colleagues and families.


QCCN Developmental Reference Guidelines
The Quality Child Care Niagara Model Developmental Reference charts are guidelines for planning learning outcomes and experiences through play, based on key aspects of the child’s development and learning in 5 different areas.


Caregiver Interaction Scale
Programs use the Caregiver Interaction Scale as a self-reflective tool when there is a change in staff or children, in conjunction with the annual staff performance appraisal or Environmental Rating Scales, or as needed.


Developmental Profiles Text Book
The Developmental Profiles Textbook is designed to help Educators grasp the complexity of child development pre-birth through 12 years. The book highlights major characteristics for each of the developmental domains in a concise, non-technical, point-by-point format.


Brigance Readiness Binder
The Brigance Readiness Binder is an instructional resource that consists of lesson ideas that focus on understanding multiple developmental domains and provides a variety of learning experiences to build on the individualized needs in your program.


Please note all centres received copies of the resources above. If required, further copies may be available by contacting our QCCN Coordinator at