Resources to Support Working Remotely

Maximizing Time, Impact, and Motivation While Working at Home (McCormick Center)
Returning to On-Site Work (CECE)
Covid-19 Pandemic is Showing Off Women’s Leadership Skills (Schulich School of Business)
Working Remotely: Tips on Staying Productive (Gov’t of Canada)
Setting Up Your Home Workstation (OHCOW)
Safely Working from Home (OHCOW)
Transitioning to Virtual/Home Based Work (OHCOW)
Home Office Workstation Checklist (WSPS)
Leading Groups Online (J. Rewa & D. Hunter)
Improving Communication During Video Conferencing (Psychology Today)
A Guide for Working (at Home) Parents (Harvard Business Review)
15 Questions About Remote Work Answered (Harvard Business Review)
How to Work From Home Efficiently With Kids (WFM Depot)
The Ultimate Working From Home Guide(Investopedia)
9 Tips to Improve Work-life Balance From Home (OWLLabs)
Virtual Workplaces: The New Norm (MVMA)
8 Tips for Conducting a Remote Interview (Robert Half)
Job Hunting During COVID-19? 6 Things You Need to Know About Remote Hiring Right Now (The Muse)
How To Manage Employee Loneliness (Human Resources Direction)
How to Work From Home: 20 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully(HubSpot)
How To Prepare Your Business For A Hybrid Workforce (Forbes)
How to Set Up Your Workplace for Remote and Hybrid Employees (
Different Remote Setups: Hybrid, Split, or Fully Remote Team. Which One Are You? (
Branding 101 for Child Care Providers and Adapting Your Centre’s Branding During COVID-19 (HiMama)
Resources to Support Health and Wellness While Working Remotely (Career Professionals of Canada)
6 Ways to Avoid Isolation Fatigue While Balancing the Demands of Remote Work (Harvard Business Review)
Remote work best practices for small business (Microsoft)
Rethinking the Customer Experience in the Video Age: 6 Tips for Small Businesses (Zoom)
Managing Virtually in a Pandemic: 10 Good Ideas (Charity Village)
5 Tips to Create an Engaging Virtual Meeting (Ontario Bar Association)

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