Spring 2021 Esteem Webinars

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children and their Families; April 7 2021

  • “The workshop provided me with not only the warning signs of domestic violence but different strategies to discuss with parents.”
  • “I have gained insight into how the mind of someone in an abusive relationship works and the proper way to support them.”

Technology Strategies to Support Family Engagement; March 23 2021

  • “I learned new, different websites and apps that I can use to keep parents informed.”

STEAM in Outdoor Environments; March 4 2021

  • “I learned new strategies for using technology and engineering in outdoor play.”

Emotional Schemas; March 3 2021

  • “I gained better understanding of knowing where the children are emotionally and helping them navigating through those emotions.”
  • “I have learned how documenting the schemas of individual children helps to support them.”

Finding your Happy; February 11 2021

  • “A reminder that focusing on my self-care will benefit my work situation and I will be in a better place to support the children and my co-workers.”
  • “This session helped me to understand where I am in my Journey to Happiness. The 4 Themes and the 16 Guidelines helped me to organize my thoughts and strengths.”

Imaginative and Dramatic Play; February 10 2021

  • “We took an in depth look at outdoor play and there were some good ideas shared for dramatic play outdoors.”

Natural and Found Loose Parts for All Ages; February 3 2021

  • “Before this webinar, I didn’t know how important loose parts play was or what materials you could use as loose parts for children.”
  • “I was inspired to put together my own loose parts kits as well as look into borrowing some from the ECCDC. I learned some new ways and areas to use loose parts in the classroom.”

Taking Care of Me to Take Care of You; January 27 2021

  • “This workshop made me realize how important is to take care of my own mental health so that I can be a better leader. Taking care of me is not only about “me”, it is about the team I’m leading. They deserve all my support and in order for me to give it, I need to be healthy.”
  • “The mindful walk in the neighborhood video was inspiring!”

Engaging Families in the Early Years in Authentic Ways; January 20 2021

  • “A reminder that it is important to work together with families instead of dictating what we want from them.”
  • “It was interesting discussing the differences between parental involvement and parental engagement.”

Laying the Foundation to Start the Journey; January 19 2021

  • “As an educator that has been in the field for some time, I felt the webinar was an updated review that tied in the modern elements of childcare.”
  • “The most informative and meaningful part of the topic was learning more about the link between behavior and self-regulation: the children’s behavior.”

blocks and Construction Play; January 13 2021

  • “I have a better understanding about the benefits and importance of block play and how we can adapt it to be safe during the pandemic.”
  • “I learned new strategies for block play and new ideas for adding materials to the block centre that I wouldn’t have thought to add before.”

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