Winter 2017 Esteem

Family & Community Involvement: Learning as Partners; April 29 2017

  • “Today has helped me with planning for future events and encouraging the families in my centre to join us more often.”
  • “Joanne Babalis is a very knowledgeable speaker and I find her information from her personal experience and Reggio concepts informative and inspiring.”

Connection is Key; April 11 2017

  • “This workshop was very meaningful as it was a great reminder to take time to build relationships with children and their families.”
  • “I will be more mindful of my interactions with children and how it impacts their lives.”
  • “Dr. Jean Clinton was a wealth of knowledge! She is a very impactful speaker who makes the content stick.”

Teacher Talk Training A: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings; April 8 2017

Speaking the Language of Art; April 1 2017

Embedding Participation and Consultation within Your School Age Pedagogy; May 30 2017

  • “I found ‘the ladder of participation’ the most informative part of the session.”
  • “This information will be useful for anyone trying to get the children more involved and participating in their program.”

Pedagogical Leadership for Child Care Centre Supervisors; March 2017

  • “This professional learning opportunity was very informative, I had several ‘Ahah!’ moments.”

Learning Two Languages: Understanding Bilingualism; March 28 2017

  • “The information provided in this workshop will be very useful in daily interactions with children, parents and families in my centre.”
  • “This workshop was very informative and provided me with new ideas. I will be taking the strategies I learned today with me to use in the classroom.”

Observing and Documenting Professional Learning Series: Communicating Children’s Learning through Pedagogical Documentation; February/March 2017

  • “The quotes and information provided in this workshop have provided me a better understanding of pedagogical documentation.”
  • “I found the learning story and documentation panel templates/examples provided very useful and informative.”
  • “After this workshop, I have a better understanding of both documentation panels and learning stories and can now incorporate them into my program daily.”

Moving from Theory to Practice Professional Learning Institute: Implementing Ontario’s Early Learning Frameworks into Daily Practice; February/March 2017

  • “I will be able to use this information and apply the new concepts to the environment and play spaces.”
  • “This workshop has helped give me confidence in what I am doing.”
  • “The opportunity to network with others and observe the different documentation methods was very informative.”

iPad Training Series: Using Apps to Foster Language and Literacy in the Early Years; February 28 2017

Winter Collaborate and Create, Make and Take Workshop; February 16 2017

  • “The activities were excellent – I can use all these ideas in my classroom!”

Sharing the Value of Unstructured Play Experiences with Families & Colleagues; February 9 2017

  • “I now have a better understanding of unstructured play and am better able to explain it to parents and colleagues.”

Winter Educator Recharge Extravaganza; February 2 2017

  • “This workshop was a great reminder to take time for myself.”

iPad Training Series: How Does Learning Happen? A Practical Approach Seminar; January 24 2017

  • “I will be able to keep team members and parents informed of what the children are doing all day; this will be a very useful tool.”

The Hundred Languages: Mini Studio Experience and Insights to Support our Understanding…Revised Kindergarten Program; January 21 2017

  • “This was a great opportunity for uninterrupted time to properly explore various avenues that can be discovered with the items and activities.”
  • “The mini studio and the materials that can be used as provocations were very informative. I enjoyed meeting other people in the field and having the opportunity to network.”

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