Spring 2016 Esteem

The Wonder of Learning Exhibit Bus Tour and Summer Recharge; July 9 2016

  • “I enjoyed the variety of documentation styles displayed throughout the exhibit. This has encouraged me to enhance my own documentation of children’s learning.”
  • “I was encouraged today to think about how to give our space an identity and observe how the children use it.”
  • “I will use this information to provide more opportunities to expand on children’s learning and questioning.”

Including the Voices of Children Within Your Pedagogy; June 23 2016

  • “I will use the information learned today to include children’s voice when I set our environment, plan the curriculum, and document.”
  • “Learning about environmental influences, emotional risks, and co-learners was very informative.”

Gardening With Kids: From Seed to Table; June 14 2016

  • “I am hoping to grow some worms and plants in the garden with hopes of harvesting produce to use when we cook with the children.”
  • “This information is helpful for getting the children involved, respecting and learning how to care for gardens.”

Intrinsic Connections: Nature and Ecological Literacy in Early Childhood; June 11 2016

  • “I will use this information to strengthen my connection to and fuel my passion for outdoor learning and guide the children to see their surroundings as part of their learning.”
  • “This experience will help me define my objectives in the field of ECE and improve my programming.”
  • “This session will help to identify our own ideologies/philosophies about nature, realizing everyone is in a different place. This is imperative to support the development of a connection to nature in children.”
  • “I enjoyed the various activities outside as well as the support from the Forest School, promoting children’s learning through nature.”

Greater Employee Engagement: Pathways to Ensuring Positive Attitudes and Sustainable Morale; June 9 2016

  • “Lots of great hands-on tools and suggestions to try!”
  • “I found the speaker to be uplifting and motivating.”

The Board: A Winning Team; Four Sessions, May – July 2016

  • “The information about board styles and board policies was very informative.”
  • “I will use this information when considering how to structure the next board meetings – very helpful.”
  • “Stepping into the role of chair, I feel infinitely more prepared.”
  • “Very informative series; I highly recommend these workshops.”
  • “The suggestions for approaching Chair/Executive Director relationships was the most informative.”

Provocations and Invitations to Play; May 26 2016

  • “I will be providing more open ended materials for the children to explore and mess about with.”
  • “The group discussions were a great way to learn new ideas.”

Mediating: How To Make Things Right, When Things Go Wrong!; May 24 2016

  • “The strategies for approaching situations that arise between parents and children and helping to see them through was helpful.”
  • “The questions in the handouts were helpful for providing open-ended, reflective questions and talking points.”

Learning Literacy Together Within An Authentic Environment; May 19 2016

  • “I will be able to use a lot of new materials and ideas with the children in my environment.”
  • “I loved all the group discussion during this training. It gave me a lot of creative ideas of how to deliver literacy to toddlers.”

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