Fall 2015 Esteem

Children’s Voices; December 8 2015

  • “I cant wait to go back to my room and look to see if our children’s voices are being heard.”
  • “I found it most informative to learn how to make changes in the room to represent our children’s voices.”

Thinking and Learning Time Made Visible: iPhoneography and Portfolios – A Combined Session; November 28 2015

  • “There were many practical ideas shared that can be implemented to make it easier and more efficient to produce and manage documentation – it’s a journey!’
  • “The entire session was informative and meaningful, especially the photography tips.”

Create and Inspire Staff with Higher Standards; November 24 2016

  • “I found the information on reviewing the standards and expectations of staff, noticing strengths/ weakness, and where change needs to happen useful to my daily practice.”
  • “I found this workshop informative and I enjoyed Michael Lewis’ fabulous sense of humour.”

Linking Emergent Literacy Using Simple Activities To Expand Shared Story Time; November 17 2015

  • “I will be able to enrich literacy experiences by using some of the ideas/books/activities shared and by making some of my own.”
  • “If found it informative to learn how a book can give so much more information in relation to math, language and science.”

Treasure Baskets for Infant and Toddlers; November 12 2015

  • “This workshop reminded me what is important and what I have already at my site and home that can be used.”
  • “Treasure baskets are an activity that involves all the senses.”

Bienenstock Workshop Series Session Five: If I Had a Hammer: Woodworking At Your Centre; November 5 2015

  • “This was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to have my children use these tools in our room.”
  • “I found the presenter’s knowledge of young children and their capabilities to be informative and inspiring.”

Schema Play: Preschool and School Age Thinking; November 3 2016

  • “I will be incorporating these new ideas at my own centre as well as other centres I supply at by bringing different materials into the room.”
  • “The presenter, Cindy Green, really broke it down for me so I could better understand how to take a child’s interest to the next level.”

Light and Colour: Playing With the Beauty of Our Surroundings; October 8 2015

Exploring Nature Through Creative Experiences; October 6 2015

  • “I will use the information I learned this evening in my daily practice by bringing outdoor materials inside the classroom and encourage children’s curiosity and knowledge.”
  • “I really enjoyed getting messy and the opportunity to have hands on experiences with the materials during this workshop.”

Exploring Emergent Curriculum with Susan Stacey; September 26 2015

  • “Allow children to tell about the picture that they created and document as soon as possible. We should also expand the activity by encouraging each child to stand to inform the group and present their art.”
  • “I was refreshed and reminded about what I do on a daily basis and reminded why we do what we do and the intent behind it.”
  • “I gain perspective on more ways to look at the non-verbal moments with younger children and capture them.”

How Do I Write?; September 22 2015

  • “I really enjoyed learning about not focusing on the correct spelling but the way to spell.”
  • “We are not teaching the children to spell but to make a mark and write.”

Supporting Young Children in Learning and Experiencing Fall Harvest; September 19 2015

  • “I am going to liven up my soil with Jane’s tips and fall plant/sprout in our room.”
  • “I feel more confident in getting started at work and in my home. Just what I needed.”

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