Winter 2020 Esteem

Webinar: Tinkering with Wood; December 9 2020

  • "Presenters were very knowledgeable and inspiring sharing ideas to support children's creativity and imagination. They offered a variety of play options that are meaningful and purposeful to children!"

Webinar: Tinkering with Metal; November 18 2020

  • "This workshop showed me some new ideas for provocations and how to use many metal items that I had never
    thought to use before."

Webinar: Respect in the Workplace; November 12 2020

  • "The webinar outlined tangible practices that I would feel comfortable putting into place with staff. I
    appreciated the specific examples shared."
  • "I appreciate the interaction with others across Ontario. The ability to network provides support from others
    experiencing the same issues."

Webinar: Mark Making Schemas; November 3 2020

  • "I never thought of schema play transferred into mark making!"
  • "I learned how to connect further exploration and provocation from the children`s mark making. I really have a better understanding of what these marks might be telling us."

Webinar: Tinkering with Recycled Materials; October 13 2020

  • "This workshop touched on so many aspects of tinkering and how it supports the Ontario curriculum."
  • "I found going through the definitions and terms in depth helped me understand the reasons for and benefits of implementing tinkering. It sparked more curiosity in me as a professional."

Webinar: Schema Play; October 6 2020

  • "I now have knowledge of what the schemas are, how to identify them in play, and how to think deeper and extend the learning."
  • "I will be on the lookout for children engaging in schematic play. I want to identify what/why they are doing something, and offer opportunities for them to build more. I will be completing photo documentation to share with parents."

Webinar: Talking to Kids About Death and Dying; June 22 2020

  • "I now have a greater understanding of the stages of grief, how they are connected, and how children display grief differently."
  • "I learned the importance of looking beyond the behaviour issues of a child, remembering that sometimes the
    behaviour can come out years after a death has occurred."

Webinar: Opening Pre-Ks and Child Care Centres in the Time of the Coronavirus; June 17 2020

  • "The topic opened up a lot of discussion on concerns that we will be facing and provided a wealth of guidance on how to help support all new fears, emotions, questions etc."

Webinar: Getting Change Management Right in 2020; June 11 2020

  • "I will implement open, honest, and transparent communication in my practice. I will be open to other views and perspectives and respect them because they can bring great ideas and solutions for policy, procedures, health and safety, etc."

Webinar: Natural Living Systems and Food Gardens for Wellness; June 3 2020

  • "I enjoyed the tips on what is good to grow in the garden and use during the year in a child care program."
  • "I really appreciated the concept of connecting to nature as an adult, educator, and with children. Loved the idea of incorporating "Fairies" to increase children's sense of wonder."

Webinar: Engaging Families in Authentic Ways Through the Lens of How Does Learning Happen?; May 27 2020

  • "The webinar has helped me to reflect and try to find new ways of how to bring family participation into my room
    and how to engage the parents."

Webinar: Peace Begins With Me; May 20 2020

  • "It will be easy to adapt these new practices I learned as needed. It was a beautiful session and presented with passion and whole heartedness!"

Webinar: Supporting Children with Processing Their Feelings of Loss (In Relation to COVID-19); May 12 2020

  • "I gained insight into what children are going through and unable to express."
  • "I learned tips on how to communicate differently with a small child and how to get them to understand what is happening with the outside world at this moment."

Webinar: Meditation and Mindfulness 101; May 6 2020

  • "The session helped me to see how my own mindfulness will impact the children in my program; our calmness
    affects the children as well."
  • "I learned that WE need to take the time throughout the day to acknowledge how we are feeling and to adjust and strategize how to make changes. Also the importance of observing how the children are behaving and making changes for them."

Webinar: Better Than Before - Rebound with Resilience; April 22 2020

  • "I had not thought of so many positive aspects of being sequestered at home. It was nice to hear about them and
    the other ways people saw the good in it."
  • "The session made me think about myself and my self care. I even shed a tear or two during mediation and writing
    down things that I am grateful for."

Webinar: Leading the Team: Surviving and Thriving Virtually; April 9 2020

  • "This session gave us information about how to cope up with working professionally from home and using different apps to lead your team."

Action Schemas; February 3 2020

  • "This session broke down the meaning of schemas in a new way and the importance they have in everyday play."
  • "This session was valuable because now I have information to share with parents as to why their children engage in play behaviours."

STEAM Rich Environments; January 28 2020

  • "I feel like I understand STEAM more; feels simple and not as complex."
  • "The information in this session was definitely very valuable for daily practice, for drawing kids' attention to free play and imagination."
  • "The most meaningful parts of this session were the concrete examples and activities to support the concept of STEAM."

Owning Your Role as a Role Model; January 21 2020

  • "I will be able to use the information from this session to think more positively with the hard parts of the day."
  • "I will be able to use this experience to be able to catch the little moments I feel resentful and focus on why I feel that way and overcome them."
  • "This information will help me connect with educators about their roles and get back to the meaning of their work."

Leading An Empowered Culture to Increase Mission Impact, with Colleen Fleming; January 16 2020

  • "I learned a lot about organizational culture and understand it much better."
  • "I came away with an action plan for performance reviews that I hope to try at my centre."
  • "The most informative parts of this session were the exploration of organizational culture, accountability, and new performance management."


Take a look back at sessions that were offered in the Winter 2020 edition of Esteem! Please note however that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many sessions were cancelled or postponed to future dates.

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