Spring 2019 Esteem

Supporting Children’s Mental Health in the Early Years, with Dr. Jean Clinton; June 15 2019

  • “This workshop gave me an understanding of how to help and support a child in distress.”
  • “Dr. Jean Clinton reinforced the importance of relationships and connection to the brain development of children.”
  • “This session helped me learn more about the brain and social emotional development.”

Reggio Inspired Planning and Documentation; June 11 2019

  • “The information presented simplified my idea of what documentation is.”
  • “This session helped me to expand my documentation skills and make the children’s learning visible.”
  • “The most meaningful part of this session was reflecting on the value and the why of documentation.”

Facilitating a Culture of Mindfulness – Supporting Well Being and Stress Management; June 6 2019

  • “This professional learning opportunity provided great information, concrete strategies, and how to implement techniques.”
  • “The information presented will be easy to implement in my personal and professional life.”
  • “I will now be able to incorporate mindfulness into daily practice.”

25 Top Forest School Experiences for Indoors and Outdoors; June 4 2019

  • “This session provided excellent examples of outdoor activities that can be adapted in any centre or location.”
  • “This session met my expectations by giving such simple and easy ways to incorporate forest concepts with little investment.”
  • “I will use this information to bring more nature into the classroom and more music into the playground.”

Fort and Den Building for Older Children; May 28 2019

  • “This was just what I needed to spice up my school age program!”
  • “This has given me many ideas of what to take outside to the playground so the children can create their own forts and dens.”
  • “The most meaningful part of this session was learning how to use certain materials and environments I wouldn’t normally think of.”

An Intro to All Things Kids Yoga; May 25 2019

  • “Lots of great ideas to get young children engaged in yoga and mindfulness.”
  • “Excellent experiential learning that meaningfully connected to the How Does Learning Happen framework.”
  • “The most informative part of this session was the resources and methods to support children with body-mind awareness.”

Lost Art of Music and Movement in Early Childhood; May 22 2019

  • “This professional learning opportunity went over how we can implement music and movement in different ways and for different ages and developmental stages.”
  • “The most informative and meaningful part of this session was doing music and movement – without music!”

Reggio Inspired Light Experiences; May 21 2019

  • “Having recently studied in Reggio, it was great to see the connections again – at home.”
  • “This professional learning opportunity encouraged me to rethink the light experiences we can offer to children.”

Connecting the Read Aloud with Invitations for Learning; May 14,2019

  • “This professional learning opportunity offered tons of provocations and invitations to use in the classroom, in correspondence with books.”
  • “The information presented offered new ideas on how we can expand our activities.”
  • “The most meaningful part of this session was the importance of prompts for greater engagement.”

Creative Art Experiences for Infants and Toddlers; May 8 2019

  • “The most meaningful part of this session was the explanation of different ways to engage infants.”
  • “I will be reflecting on why we don’t provide more experiences like these in our program and how to change this attitude.”

Better Business Practices Series – Into the Weed; May 2 2019

  • “I will use the information presented for writing out more policies related to all the new legislation.”
  • “The most informative part of this session was having an employment lawyer available to answer questions.”

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