Organizational Performance

25 Ways to Boost your Board

This session is part of the ECCDC's 25th Anniversary Workshop Series.

This lively workshop will highlight 5 key board principles and 5 related practices to help boost your board’s effectiveness, engagement and enjoyment. A variety of tools and resources will be shared. In celebration of ECCDC’s 25th Anniversary, participants will receive a link to the Principles and Practices Checklist© to help your board assess their governance strengths and challenges.

Complimentary Workshop thanks to Gay Douglas’ sponsorship in honour of ECCDC’s 25th Anniversary!

Price: General Admission C$0.00

Date: September 26, 2019

Available Spaces: 13

Passing the Torch: Succession Planning for Organizational Success, with Gay Douglas

Over the next 5 years Canadians will be retiring at a pace unparalleled in human history. The biggest demographic wave in the country’s history is hurtling into retirement. The baby boomers – that massive bubble of people born in the two decades following the Second World War - have begun the transition from employment to retirement.

  • Niagara Educators (C$75.00)
  • Outside Niagara Educators (C$80.00)

Date: October 24, 2019

Available Spaces: 69

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