QCCN Two-Day Reflective Practice Institutes
Day 1:
QCCN Alignment with
Ontario’s Early Learning Frameworks
Day 2:
Moving from Theory to Practice
  1. Background & History of QCCN
  2. Alignment with Ontario Legislation
  3. Connecting with CECE Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice
  4. Reflecting upon Ontario’s Frameworks
  5. Developing Strong Relationships (engaging family and children)
  6. Best Practices in Using QCCN Tools
  1. Becoming a Reflective Practitioner
  2. Program Planning
  3. Emergent Literacy
  4. Observation and Documentation
  5. Scan of Related Initiatives

  1. DISC Preschool Screen
  2. Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales
  3. Behaviour CARE Checklist
  4. Speech and Language Developmental Checklist

  1. Caregiver Interaction Scale
  2. Program Resource Checklists
  3. Building Blocks of Emergent Literacy
  4. Program Profile
  5. Developmental Profiles Textbook
  6. QCCN Developmental Reference Charts
  7. Brigance Readiness Binder
  8. Program Plan Criteria
  9. A Thinking Lens for Reflection and Inquiry
  10. Attentiveness Protocol
  11. Higher Order Thinking Prompts

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