QCCN for Niagara College Students

Fall Niagara College QCCN Reflective Practice Institute Live Webinar Modules

The QCCN Reflective Practice Institute for Niagara College students will be delivered online as a pre-recorded webinar module training. The modules and the content for the Niagara College students will be consistent with the community’s modules which will provide a continuity within the QCCN Reflective Practice Institute training.

Module 1: Introduction to QCCN Reflective Practice Institute and DPS
• Background and History of QCCN
• DISC Preschool Screen (DPS)

Module 2: Environmental Supports
• Program Profile
• Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales including Resource and Inventory List and Environmental Feedback Form

Module 3: QCCN Developmental Planning Tools
• Early Years Curriculum Plan Criteria
• Developmental Profiles Textbook, QCCN Developmental Reference Charts, Brigance Readiness Binder including Best Practices in Using QCCN Tools

Module 4: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner and Engaging Family and Children
• Caregiver Interaction Scale
• Behaviour C.A.R.E. Checklist
• Engaging Families and Children through Strong Relationships

Module 5: Speech & Language and Emergent Literacy
• Speech and Language Developmental Checklist
• Building Blocks of Emergent Literacy
• Overview of QCCN and Frequently Asked Questions

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