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Webinar - Theories of Play


School Age Series 2: Investigating the Theories of Play and the Principles of Playwork to Support Your School-agers

Playwork and the term Playworker are commonly used terms in the United Kingdom and in many parts of the world, and is rapidly spreading throughout North America. In the UK, Playworkers work with children and young people from 4-16 years in school-age programs, holiday programs, adventure playgrounds, on playbus’ and as play rangers. Playwork has evolved since post war Britain and is a profession in its own right. Although it shares some aspects of early learning and child care, it has philosophies, principles, and practices unique to Playwork. Play is seen as a process, not a product. Does that sound familiar? And one of the roles of a Playworker is to enrich the environment to provide ‘playable spaces’ for children, restoring play and lost experiences.

Session One: Theories of Play
During session one participants will have an opportunity to dive deeply into what play is for older children and the role of the adult within children’s play, thus supporting a move towards a child-led agenda. Participants will be introduced to the ‘Playwork Principles’ and the ‘Play Types’ as tools to support practice and playfulness.

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Start Time: 6:30 PM
End Time: 8:00 PM

Date: November 4, 2021

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