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Webinar - Speaking to Families about Unstructured Play Experiences: Dispelling the Myth


As we are moving away from theme-based planning to an emergent approach to learning through play, which is in line with Ontario’s Early Learning Frameworks, the way that we are working with children in the early learning and child care field is changing. This workshop will support educators to explore what unstructured play is, the importance and benefits to children, and how they can communicate this to fellow educators and families. The session will look at intentional, open-ended experiences and dispel the myth of it being a ‘free for all’. Participants will have an opportunity to try out some practical, interactive ways to convey the importance of unstructured play in an early learning and child care environment.

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Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Time: 10:30 AM

Date: November 5, 2021

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