December, 2021
Sensory-rich "Treasure Baskets" to Promote Preverbal Kids’ Development

Niagara Kiwanis clubs team up with Early Childhood Community Development Centre on initiative to benefit all licensed child care centres in Niagara. Click here to view the article in Niagara This Week.

December, 2021
Kiwanis Club Sponsorship to Provide Innovative Infant and Toddler Resources for Niagara's Licensed Child Care Centres

Approximately 172 licensed child care centres in Niagara will receive unique infant and toddler materials and complimentary training thanks to a generous contribution of more than $20,000 from the Kiwanis Clubs of Niagara. The infant and toddler materials are called "treasure baskets" and they provide sensory-rich play experiences for pre-verbal children and support the development of play schemas. The innovative resources will be sourced by the Early Childhood Community Development Centre, a longstanding charity offering resources, training and organizational supports to early learning programs within Niagara and across Ontario for close to 30 years.
Click here to view/download full Media Release.

February, 2021
Virtual Wellness Fair: Feel Good February - Four Weeks of Wellness

The Early Childhood Community Development Centre (ECCDC) is pleased to host the first Virtual Wellness Fair: Feel Good February sponsored by the Kiwanis Clubs of Niagara and supported by Pathstone Mental Health and offered via Zoom and ECCDC's Facebook

The ECCDC is excited to support early learning professionals and children and families with wellness strategies for improving overall wellbeing during these challenging times. This virtual event is also a means of showing gratitude to early learning professionals for their ongoing service to support children and families during the Pandemic, and for the care they have offered to essential workers. The ECCDC's primary funder, Niagara Region Children's Services, is pleased to have the opportunity to recognize the work of Niagara's early learning sector through fun, interactive events like these which help to support the wellbeing of educators across the Region.
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