2018: Celebrating Our Roots and Cultivating the Spirit of Collaboration

Thursday, November 15 2018

Awards were given out in the following categories:

  • Brock University Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Outstanding Student Award
  • Commitment to Continuous Professional Learning and Community Collaboration Award
  • Contributor Award for Volunteers and Colleagues
  • Early Childhood Educator Professionalism Award
  • EarlyON & Family Centres Practitioner Award
  • Eco-Friendly Child Care Practices Award
  • Emergent Literacy Award
  • Kelly Albanese Memorial Inclusion Award
  • Kindergarten Team Excellence Award
  • Licensed Child Care Centre Administrator Award for Exceptional Leadership and Commitment
  • Licensed Home Child Care Program Professionalism Award
  • Margaret Hamilton Graduating Student Award
  • Nurturing Children's Connections to Nature Award
  • Quality Child Care Niagara Exceptional Program Award