Past Events & Webinars, 2021

Summer Educator Recharge

Shared Spaces

Sharing the Value of
Unstructured Play

Making Children’s
Learning Visible

Treasure Baskets for
Infants & Toddlers

STEAM in Outdoor

Outdoor Play Throughout
the Year

Virtual Wellness Institute

Supporting Risk
and Challenge

STEAM Rich Environments

HDLH? for Families

Keeping Your
Passion Lit

ECCDC Partner

Technology Strategies,
Family Engagement

Naturalizing Your
Indoor Environment

Building Balanced Empathy
for Educators

Emotional Schemas

Mindfulness Moments

Better Than Before

Finding Your Happy

Loose Parts for
All Ages

Where to Begin:
Technical Basics

Get Second Language
Learners Talking

Can Employers Mandate
COVID Vaccinations?

Risky Play
Throughout the Day

Removing the Barriers
to Play

Lost Art of Music
and Movement

Reflecting on Pedigogical

Theories of Play

Infants and Toddlers

Innovative Ways to Use
Natural Loose Parts

Empowering Parents

Mindful Goal Setting

Reflecting on
Inclusive Practices

What’s Your Story?

Building Balanced Empathy
for Administrators

STEAM in Outdoor

Building & Coding

Laying the Foundation

Reflecting on
Inclusive Practice

Imaginative & Pretend Play

No Small Matter
Movie Night

Taking Care of Me to
Take Care of You

Engaging Families in
Authentic Ways

Laying the Foundation
to Start the Journey

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