This Birth to School Start Speech-Language Pathology Referral Checklist (the “Checklist”) is intended to help child care professionals identify children who may benefit from an assessment of their communication development by a Speech-Language Pathologist. If a child is already known to Niagara Children’s Centre, you do not need to complete the Checklist. The cut-off date for the previous Speech documents (updated October 2020) will be February 28, 2024.

To find out more information about the Checklist, referrals, and frequently asked questions check out Niagara Children’s Centre’s Guidelines.

Consent Forms are available in English: pdf or fillable pdf
*French consent forms coming soon.

Educators may use the Speech & Language Tracking Sheet or the DPS & Speech and Language Tracking Sheet

Birth to School Start Speech-Language Pathology Referral Checklist
Complete ONE age category per child: choose the category that the child has most recently reached.

By 6 Months - English

By 9 Months - English

By 12 Months - English

By 15 Months - English

By 18 Months - English

By 2 Years - English

By 2.5 Years - English

By 3 Years - English

By 3.5 Years - English

By 4 Years - English

*French documents coming soon.

Birth to “School Start” Speech-Language Pathology Referral Form for QCCN: English, French (Coming Soon)

Bilingualism Handout from Niagara Children’s Centre