In describing Quality Child Care Niagara, the following values explain our notion of Quality:

Accountability: Quality Child Care Niagara values dedication to implementing QCCN in alignment with organization policies, funding requirements, legislation and the College of Early Childhood Educators Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Engagement: Quality Child Care Niagara promotes programs, environments and plans which deeply connects children, educators and families and reflect their hopes, interests and strengths.

Inclusivity: Quality Child Care Niagara values, respects and promotes the uniqueness of each educator, child and family.

Intentionality: Quality Child Care Niagara encourages educators to plan with purpose and meaning through an inquiry based approach.

Responsive: Quality Child Care Niagara expects educators to consistently adapt their planning, environments and experiences; to support the strengths, interests and hopes of children and their families.

Reflective: Quality Child Care Niagara values the practice of continuous learning, questioning and critical thinking.

Respectful: Quality Child Care Niagara honours each early learning program, educator, child and family as unique, competent and capable.

Inviting Environments: Quality Child Care Niagara recognizes the importance of interactive play spaces which are imaginative, flexible and fun to support competent risk taking unique to each child.

Commitment: Quality Child Care Niagara values the loyalty and devotion of educators in supporting Niagara's children and families.