Treasure Baskets for Infants and Toddlers

Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play affords infants and toddlers open-ended opportunities to explore the world around them through their senses and exploration of everyday objects. Through the support of the Kiwanis Clubs of Niagara, a hands-on, interactive workshop for Niagara childcare programs will explore the origins and the simplicity and sophistication of Treasure Baskets and Heuristic Play. Participants will develop a Treasure Basket using interesting everyday household items and items from nature. Click here for flyer.

Supporting Naturalized Playgrounds with Outlast Blocks

In 2017-18, the Kiwanis Clubs of Niagara donated a set of Community Playthings – Outlast Blocks to 26 Early Learning and Child Care programs in Niagara. Outlast Blocks are specially designed to encourage creative play and child-directed discovery.
To learn more, visit the project’s page on the Young Children Priority First website.

Intergenerational Project

This project linked seniors residences to child care and family support programs so that seniors could share their knowledge, skills and experiences with the younger generation. Read more…

Implementing iPads in the Early Years

The ECCDC and Niagara Region Children’s Services joined forces to pilot the use of iPads with educational apps that enhance speech, language and emergent literacy within 30 Niagara child care programs. Read more…

Interactive Classroom Observation & Documentation Tool Project

Tools for observing and documenting children’s play were piloted within 22 early learning and child care programs across Niagara. Read more…

Niagara Science & Technology Project

In partnership with the Kiwanis Clubs of Niagara,, Niagara’s licensed child care programs were offered science and technology based resources and training developed in alignment with Ontario’s Early Learning Framework: Early Learning for Every Child Today.
Visit the Young Children Priority First website for more information on this and other collaborations of Kiwanis and the ECCDC.

Past is Present Community Book Project

The ECCDC was delighted to partner with Literacy Link Niagara on this initiative that brought literature and a toolkit of curriculum planning ideas and training to Niagara’s licensed child care programs and a family literacy kit to families across Niagara, all tied to the War of 1812 Bicentennial celebrations. Read more…

Mentoring Pairs for Child Care

Mentoring Pairs for Child Care was a province-wide program that enhanced child care quality by matching more experienced licensed child care centre supervisors with less experienced ones in their own communities.
Visit the Mentoring Pairs for Child Care website for more information.

Understanding the Early Years

A national initiative enabling communities to better understand the needs of their young children and families to determine best programs and services for them.  Learn more….

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