QCCN Community Conversation Café Presentations
Browse through a collection of our previously offered QCCN Community Conversation Café PowerPoint presentations. These PowerPoints can be used to spark discussion within your program and strengthen your connection with the QCCN Components.

Supporting Inclusive Practices through Utilizing QCCN Tools and Resources, May 18 2022

Taking a Closer Look at the Referral Process, April 20 2022

Follow up from the QCCN Reflective Practice Institute, March 16 2022

Tips, Strategies, and Further Information in Implementing the QCCN Tools and Resources, September 27 2021

Community of Practice in Your Community, July 3 2020

Continuing Quality Improvement Through a Family Engagement Survey, June 26 2020

Supporting Your Ongoing Commitment to Quality Childcare, June 19 2020

Taking a Deeper Dive into the QCCN Developmental Resources, June 12 2020

Positive Interactions through Connecting vs. Directing, June 5 2020

Implementing ITERS-3 and ECERS-3 in Your Program, May 28 2020

Sharing Your Observation & Documentation Strategies, May 21 2020

Roles of the Modern Reflective Educator, May 14 2020

Program Reflection, May 7 2020

QCCN Webinar in Fostering Family Engagement, May 5 2020

Brain Story, April 30 2020

Community of Practice, April 23 2020